Application MyPrivacy maintain your privacy in the different services – is an important and necessary of all, free !

Did you know that your information regarding you, such as where you live, what you like to eat, where to go, what are you looking for, your files are owned by and are addressed, and it can besides millions of information to persons other that constitute a treasure for many of the entities that use them without your permission? This Privacy policy should save them, but it might be difficult with frequent services, but the solution today is present with the application of MyPrivacy.

تطبيق MyPrivacy للحفاظ على خصوصيتك في مختلف الخدمات !

Application MyPrivacy maintain your privacy in different services !

And because you have used a lot of services, particularly social networks, to other services, such as cloud services, even when you provide the information to those entities, whether Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other services, and even be more organized, you will have to figure out the reasonable from the information you have provided without more, here comes the role of application MyPrivacy.

With the application of MyPrivacy you can get the intelligent assistant that scans various services to reflect the reasonable limit of the information we share, and not up to others, whether governments, large companies, official bodies, Pirates of course, and so on.

Through the advantages provided by the application of MyPrivacy you can afford it, the advantages include the following:

  • The feature of lock apps: only available copy of the Android app, and allows you to lock apps with a password or fingerprint, to prevent the access of any person to other, or close some apps and services on your phones and your kids
  • Hide photos & videos: it is available in version Android or iPhone, and you can protect your privacy even more by protecting your photos and videos in the library of the intelligent organization.
  • Protect your important files: lets you apply MyPrivacy protect the photocopies of your passport, your cards, your support, and organize them in one place.
  • Secure browser fast: provides you with the application MyPrivacy built-in browser ensures you privacy in browsing, do not track your activity, ad blocking, etc.
  • Manager passwords: you need to stop using easy passwords such as 12345 or your date of birth, with the application of MyPrivacy you will get a generator and Director of strong passwords with to protect her and remember her.
  • Check your information on the social networks: because you have deployed more than necessary of your information on social networks, the application of MyPrivacy scans these various networks and gives you tips on need to lose some of this information.
  • The advantage of a Wi-Fi network is secure: this feature is coming soon, and you’ll get a secure connection, the adoption of geographical location, to fake, to protect your privacy more.

تطبيق MyPrivacy للحفاظ على خصوصيتك في مختلف الخدمات !

Application MyPrivacy maintain your privacy in different services !

Why you should rely on the application of MyPrivacy is?

Of course, with the advantages of the former, whether on your iPhone or Android device, protecting your privacy is very required, apply MyPrivacy ensures no leak your data to social networks, everything will be under control, as well as the protection of your privacy over the protection of your geographical location as we knew the advantages of the former.

تطبيق MyPrivacy للحفاظ على خصوصيتك في مختلف الخدمات !

Application MyPrivacy maintain your privacy in different services !

These are not all the advantages of the application of MyPrivacy; rather, there are other advantages to let you have a chance to know her through the workout app, which you can get it for free on devices iPhone and iPad, available and functional without purchasing any paid content.

This is considered the application of MyPrivacy of the most famous and best apps to protect privacy, so that no more than 6 years of existence, has been advised by numerous sources of technical, specialized, and the adoption of it will ensure your privacy in the handling and access in the internet.


  • Works on iPhone, iPod-Touch, iPad, and Android devices.
  • The operating system appropriate : iOS 9.0 or newer / or Android 5.0 or newer.
  • Size : 53.4 MB Apple TV devices according to the device for Android devices.

Download the app for iPhone and iPad:

Developer : Online Permissions

Price : free for a limited time

  Click here to download

To download the app on Android:

Developer : MyPermissions

Price : free

  Click here to download

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