Application MyPrivacy provides all the methods of protection in one place

تطبيق MyPrivacy يوفر جميع طرق الحماية في مكانٍ واحد

Being a personal phone think of more things to the privacy of users ‘ lives beyond the borders, intends to keep the existing data you have protection from any violation of the order seeks not everyone, but it is worth saying that this becomes difficult with the size and diversity of usage which makes the user constantly worried about his data; therefore the application of MyPrivacy, which provides all the protections in one place.

Vita has the app for his ability to provide the surfing secret the possibility to benefit from a VPN service at a high level to make browsing safer, besides presenting the advantages of save files, photos and videos.

What does it mean to apply MyPrivacyis?

To install the user development of MyPrivacy especially on iOS means that it will get the privacy and complete protection to his phone no matter who can use the or monitor, where the offers application developers a fast browser and security makes browsing websites is easy and at the same time high protection because of the inability of others to access the register design, it also offers the advantage VPN help to open the door of unfettered and securely without the ability of any person to follow it thanks to the servers and the many advantages that in turn hide or fabricated in place of WiFi browsing which the user can exploit through contributions commensurate with the need.

The water in the two preceding joins were also to a number of security features provided by other app on iOS; the user will be able to save images protection within private folders are categorized by status and excluded from public exhibition, next to his ability to save files and important data such as credit card and passport. As well as enjoy the advantage of to create strong passwords makes it very difficult to break it.

In addition to these more integrated for users of iOS, the Android version will provide the feature to allow the creation of private accounts is different on the phone, you can select an account for the children and a personal account, and the last for friends for example, this means that each person will be able to only access the content that is supposed to see and not any of the content; where children will not be able to access applications unauthorized for them and even pay via the App Store to buy new apps and other things. Also offer this feature also Create Account “Services” which gives maintenance workers access any of the data when drafting the phone.

Participate in the application of MyPrivacyis?

The user can enjoy the basic free, and you can also take advantage of some additional features compared to a$ 1 per month, either in the desire to enjoy a pack full protection with VPN users get 30 days to experience the service and then you will have to subscribe at prices starting from 8.33$ per month.

Can get the iOS version to the from here, and Android version from here.

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