Application MyTube gets a new update called al dark and more

تطبيق MyTube يحصل تحديث جديد يدعم الثيّم المُظلم وأكثرWhen we talk about application MyTube very simply we can know him as the best alternative to the YouTube application on the computers and Xbox One as well as Windows phones 10, but take it to be the best of YouTube itself, as it supports downloading videos and download the audio from the video either on internal storage or on the external memory card, listen to the video clip on the lock screen, or through multitasking, as well as the choice of comments and admiration of subscription Channels, the…. Etc.

On the other hand, got the app today on the new update supports operating systems that are supported by “computers, phones, Windows 10, Xbox One”, raise the version number of the application to the MyTube 3.3.7, and highlighted what the update situation is dark and time to full white, and the points form the update of the additions and fixes new:

  • Add the operating rate of 0.75 x
  • Will the rate of the selected operating now between video clips.
  • They are now accepting videos that are sent by the owner of the room automatically.
  • Added support for playback rate changing operators site.
  • No longer lists the videos are updated every 45 minutes during the operations update the access code to the calculation routine for the application.
  • Add two “Copy link” and “Pin” for the playlist and thumbnail images of channels.
  • Solve the problem of app crash when you save a video without Internet connection.
  • Solve the problem of black screen when you comment to fill the screen.
  • On the Xbox alone video details now surrounded the top of the window instead of the center.

Finally the update is now available on the app page on Microsoft store, more worthy to refer to the application MyTube is available for download at the price of 0.99$.

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