Application Navigation Gestures to experience the gestures iPhone X Android “no root”

تطبيق Navigation Gestures‏ لتجربة إيماءات أيفون X على أندرويد "بدون روت"

We’ve all seen the exciting new features impressive added by Apple for its latest iPhone X which made all the manufacturers of mobile phones as well as the developer of the operating systems of smart phones and specifically Android interaction in the development of features similar to, and I’m talking here on the gestures feature, and of course we have seen many applications that provided these gestures, but you need to conditions first, the presence of the powers of the root of the Android.

But with the application of the Navigation Gestures the latest in his field, it’s something different, where there isn’t any need for the powers of root, just have to have your phone running Android 5.0 the latest, in respect of the application as we talked comes a wide range of gestures that help you in browsing your phone in a whole new, and the When gestures iPhone X and even the presence of gestures to Android version P.

With the app you can also hide the default navigation bar at the bottom and also don’t need the routine here, it is the most important nodding provided by the application as follows “scroll right, scroll left, scroll up, scroll down, prolonged pressure, double clicking, scrolling with hold, and many other nodding”.

The goal of this nodding telling you all one you can do anything such as opening an application or close the screen, or clear the notifications ,,,etc. from objectives, and finally the application of Navigation Gestures is available to download for free. it supports Android 5.0 the latest.

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