Application Neverthink new offers an experience more like TV.

تطبيق Neverthink الجديد يُقدّم تجربة أشبه بالتلفاز

تطبيق Neverthink الجديد يُقدّم تجربة أشبه بالتلفاز

Follow-up of in search of applications important and useful, and delivered to you on a plate, with us for the day one of the new applications which can be useful for any user who wishes to spend their free time or even at the time was too busy watching videos to taste and care, the application Neverthink available earlier on the iOS and divorced recently on store Google Play.

The app is currently the most flexible in its submission the experience of watching video over the internet, and its content be from various sources, most notably YouTube and Reddit, to compile the videos in the channels are non-negotiable, the result is an experience similar to a large extent with the TV.

And app developers “believe that the main reason that makes people watching video clips online is just because they want some distraction, so after the exhausting work or on the go viewing or to persons who are not necessarily watch something specific, and for these times we have created Neverthink”.

With the app you’ll find any type of channels, starting with sports, music and arts to news and documentaries, technology, along you’ll find the addresses of the more obscure channels such as “YOLO” and “Learn something” and “Futurism”, however the application tries to the TV dramatically, so that there are no controls to let you skip the video or restart it, which means that the only explanation that is provided is a breathing mask.

Finally the application includes Neverthink editorial team integrated, which means that all the channels and videos pass through the Training Manual, In addition to that there are channels, partners and pays them the developers of the app for every 1000 increase, and most importantly the app is available to download for everyone and free and full.


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