Application of GOAT uses augmented reality to allow you to preview the sneakers prior to release


A lot of people are very enthusiastic to buy sports shoes, and in case if you are one of those, you might want to know that the store GOAT now presents a new feature based on augmented reality allows people to preview the new sports shoes before its launch. I used other companies augmented reality technology for something similar, but will be able to users of the GOAT preview of the athletic shoes prior to launch effectively.

Crazy people purchase a sports shoes will know immediately that the GOAT is one of the largest companies that are active in the market of sports shoes. The company recently revealed the presence of about 12 million users and about 150 thousand dealers. This means that a lot of users will be able to now benefit from augmented reality platform to address the athletic shoes that they were looking to buy them even before they reach the shelves.

Augmented reality platform of to buy a GOAT now know athletic shoes ahead strongly for the preview. For example, shoe Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Mocha will be available for preview starting today with the knowledge that he will never reach the market until next week.

Users can access the augmented reality platform for the investigation on the iOS system through the application update GOAT first via the home page. For users of Android, they can see the sports shoes in augmented reality mode through the pages of shoes.

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