Application of Password Manager Dashlane comes to the benefits of the security and control of new

تطبيق مدير كلمات المرور Dashlane يأتي بمزايا أمان ومراقبة جديدة

Dashlane is an application for managing passwords is largely unknown, but now the team work, the app requires to in other means of Security, where in the new update does not carry a version number Dashlane 6 of on Android, expands the application away from the management of passwords, by providing a feature called panel data, identity, a place to monitor your digital identity for things such as theft, fraud and other dangers.

Let this be the color of your site comprehensive for all matters relating to the Bank via the internet, and the Department of health of the password, and suggestions to improve the login information, and 1 GB of file storage encrypted, advantage credit monitoring, and Options Other account.

Currently, the service includes three levels of prices are as follows:

  • Free: password management core on a single device.
  • Premium: add unlimited devices and control of the web, with VPN access at the price of 4.99$ per month and 60$ a year.
  • Premium Plus: credit monitoring, restoration of the identity, and $ 1 million in insurance for identity theft, so at the price of$ 9.99 per month or$ 120 annually.

Finally there is the free trial version of the Premium Plus if you want to check them out before committing to the cost, as you can experience Dashlane only if you haven’t got it by going to his page from here.

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