Application of real competitions and prizes HQ Trivia out of the experimental phase

The HQ Trivia application came to Android after its great success on IOS.

Following the success of the HQ Trivia application on iOS, Intermedia Labs brought the application to the Android system.

Since InterMedia Labs announced the availability of HQ Trivia on the Android system at the end of last December, the application was experimentally available, and the pilot phase seems to have taken place as desired, with application downloads ranging from 1 to 5 million. For the end of the pilot phase.

HQ Trivia is a free application for Trivia competitions where the contest is conducted directly with real money prizes sent to the user account on PayPal.

As for how to play, you have to join the competition through the application immediately after launch, as the application sends a notice to you to enter directly to the game or do not have a place to watch only.

During the contest, the application displays questions with choices that must be chosen in the most appropriate way in just 10 seconds. If you choose the wrong answer or the time has elapsed before you answer, you are out of the competition.

If you answer all the questions correctly, and you are the only one, you win the prize in full, or it is divided among all the winners. If you receive a minimum of $ 20 in the competition, this amount will be sent to your account via PayPal.

You can download the HQ Trivia app from the Play Store , and you can download it as a standalone APK from here .

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Source: Application of competitions and real prizes HQ Trivia out of the experimental phase

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