Application of the ADV Screen Recorder that adds support to capture internal sound in Android 10

Whether through the trial version of the former, or even with the official version, came the latest version of Android 10 a large number of changes.

In particular application programming interface “API” to the new, which lies its usefulness in particular applications screen recording.

تطبيق ADV Screen Recorder يُضيف الدعم لالتقاط الصوت الداخلي على أندرويد 10The application of ADV ScreenRecorder adds support to capture interior photos for free

Where will the Android version 10 access to the inner voice for the purposes of access, such as direct broadcast for the deaf, but of course, for other applications also use the API.

The application of the ADV Screen Recorder one of the first applications to take advantage of them in providing the option to take pictures of the interior.

Where in the past, the app was able to record audio through the phone’s microphone but add the inner voice gives it another dimension.

When the user activates this ability the new, the warning that it works only when you allow other applications to record sound. This is logical, because the regulations around the World prevent pick up phone calls.

In any case, this feature with the app will work with Android only 10, so if you’re one of its users, you can download the update and experience the water.

Download update ADVScreenRecorder.

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