Application of the Duo expands to contact the collective of eight people maximum


About a month ago, he began to apply the Duo of Google in support of the calls of the long-awaited, so it was all rather limited and then expanded to much of the world, so come and officially to everyone, however until recently, calls are limited to four people maximum, so you could just add three others by Your Side.

Now they have expanded it to include 8 people maximum, the strange thing is, that this support is available in the app without anyone knowing, where indicated product manager at Google Duo “Justin opertti” tweet ” that the application of the Duo supports 8 contacts to make a call”.


Therefore not you need as a user to determine the update for the app or wait for the server-side, but would prefer to download the latest version of Duo, if any, by going to his page on the store Google Play from here.

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