Application of the Ejector to facilitate the management of disk drives on system macOS

Because the system is macOS has moved away from a property SuperDrive, it has become output key on the keyboard the Mac is useless fundamentally. However, the aim of the new application development Dave DeLong to add some functions to the key, as well as to the bar touch Touch Touch in the MacBook Pro.

LIVE app recruitment open output in computer Mac. When you download the application to Ejector, simply press the output key (⏏) on keyboard Mac see a list of all storage units connected. This includes external drives as network drives and other.

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Does not contain an Mac modern a key output, but the app takes that into account, so that puts buttoned useful in the bar touch in the MacBook Pro, which facilitates access to the drive also.

As soon as you press the output key or code Touch Bar, you will be able to eject any drive from macOS, or force him out if he’d.

The application of Ejector is available for download from here. There is a free trial period for 7 days, and then you can pay 9.99 $ to continue using the app.

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