Application of the Graphie to manage advanced your photos on the Android system

No Graphie a new application on Android whose main task is to manage your photos with tools advanced.

تطبيق Graphie لإدارة متقدّمة لصورك على أندرويدApplication of the Graphie to manage advanced your photos on Android

Follow-up for both what is important and new in the world of apps, with us for the day one of the new applications on the Google Play Store, and the name of the Graphie where we can defined as a an advanced application designed to manage your photos on your device, for example to edit the raw data and extract the main colors of the sea and much more.

In further detail, the application allows you to edit the EXIF tags to any photo easily, either manually or by data entry at a time, or using the automatic, with the possibility to delete them all with one touch, given the main screen, they are easy to implement, that all of your photos in the gallery on this screen.

In addition, there is a tab “statistics”, which include all of the information the aperture and ISO and the colors and the focal length and other features such as Tag Editor, Settings app which allows you to choose the appearance and development notices, and more.

Do not expect it at that, where the application of Graphie tool use the colors easily from any picture, as well as the search tool for site image capture, and you can also search for images and display them according to different criteria.

Finally, the application Graphie for download on Android system at a price of 1.99$ without any operations of purchase of internal or even annoying ads, and have to have your Android device running 5.0 is the latest.

Download application Graphie on Android.

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