Application of the line of the new Shade gives your smart phone the benefits of additional useful

There isn’t any shortage in relation to the applications of line “interface operating” on store Google Play, however there’s always a new.

The latest of these applications in this field, is the application of Shade, which by the way is the development of the same developer of the other application and rich from the definition Rootless Launcher.

تطبيق اللانشر الجديد يَمدُّكَ بمزايا إضافية مفيدةApplication of the line of the new Shade gives you the benefits of additional useful

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In relation to this car, it has only the features that matter to any user, without the accumulation of Water originally present in the default interface, in the form of points short here’s the app for you:

  • With one Shade you’ll be able to choose from among the many pack icons common to customize your home screen, including symbols.
  • There is a widget on the screen first to spread, and with read the most important notifications which are included in smart.
  • When music playback, you can control it by clicking on the widget of their own, tap once to pause, twice to move, and three times to rewind.
  • Calling this car a summary of important news, in order to drive maximum pages of line to the right.
  • When you feel bored of the attributes of the Android default, there are many custom features to choose from in the settings menu of the car.
  • Choose if you want 4 or 5 or 6 columns on your main screen, or let the car decide based on the size of your phone.
  • Supports one Shade feature shortcuts to applications.
  • The advanced feature, namely the support line for the QuickSwitch, so users with the powers of the rotavirus and those who are working on the Android version 9.0 the latest.

Finally, the application of Shade is available to download for free and full on store Google Play, and does not include any annoying ads or even internal purchases, that supports Android 5.0 the latest.

If you need to experience more of the car new, there is one Lawnchair that provides you the features as pixels.

As well as Poco Launcher Go open source, and not another one Niagara for quick access to applications and use the phone with one hand.

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