Application of the master VPN – protect your data and hide yourself on the net!

Beyond the advantages of VPN Services being dedicated to decode on the sites, but it can guarantee protection for you while browsing and encrypt your data, perhaps you are looking for a service representative in it, and today we’ll give you one, through the application of the master VPN !

تطبيق ماستر VPN - لحماية نفسك وتشفير الاتصالات !

Application of the master VPN – protect yourself and encrypt communications !

Comes application master VPN to give you many advantages during your use of the internet, spin their importance as follows:

  • Protection and encryption: where you encrypt and protect your data incoming and outgoing when you are browsing online, that you protect your bank accounts and other dealings while browsing and using your phone.
  • Private browsing hide iP: through this feature will be in complete safety, all your operations will be specialized.
  • Unscrew the blocking of services: this than a lot of people, they are usually some of the services are prohibited in your country, or you can’t access to sites in other countries, here comes the role of application master VPN to unzip this blocking.

As well as all these advantages, ensure you apply the master VPN connection fast and stable, with the speed in browsing, as well as the ease of the settings, just one click after downloading the app, and enjoy the protection and benefits which it offers you.


Works on iPhone and iPad-Touch iPad iOS version 8.0 and above.

Size devices Apple: 17.6 MB

For download:

Developer : Saed Hamdan

Price : free

  Click here to download

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