Application of the Memoria of the new the most appropriate alternative to develop a photo gallery deleted QuickPic

تطبيق Memoria الجديد أنسب بديل لتطبيق معرض الصور المحذوف QuickPic

Yesterday we learned to remove the gallery application QuickPic from the store Google Play, and on the background of the scandal of the developer to investigate the issue of click fraud, of course, to prevent the app uses will make it qualified there is no alternative to him in the field, but from the standpoint of shock, yesterday, joined a new application to the list of applications photo gallery long on store Google Play, where we can say it as a suitable alternative to the removed QuickPic.

Application Memoria author of perfect timing, as it contains many tricks up his sleeve that make it worth a try and the installation, once installed you’ll find that its interface is divided into three tabs namely, photos, albums, favorites, not to mention the colors guiding where dominated by the color white, pale pink, with the presence of characteristic themes, but here you have to choose the paid version.

Generally comes the application of the Memoria one is easy to handle, easy to open and close the folders to display the images and the quick and the view and access to photos and more, and is full of options and customizations, where you can simply install the board in the top of the album list or hide them, or even choose to display sizes photo albums, “vertical and horizontal”.

As well as changing display modes and options for sorting and filtering by media type “video, photo, gif, RAW photos”, and most importantly property protection through set a password to protect the pictures, and editing tools main and a lot of other features.

Finally will the application Memoria soon cloud storage direct photo service Google, as we pointed out earlier, the app is available by free and paid, free version is good enough, but may be called soon to show ads, get rid of them and get as many of the nurses and the other tools you have to buy the paid version which is currently available at a discount of 70% at a cost of$1.

Download the free version to develop a Memoria from here.

Download the paid version to apply the Memoria of here.

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