Application of the photo Google reminds you now add the relevant photos to the album wave

تطبيق صور قوقل يُذكّرك الآن بإضافة الصور ذات الصلة إلى ألبوم موجود

Being one of the apps Google, the Photos app comes with a search feature powerful and don’t require you to even sort your photos, in fact you only need to type the location or name of the person you are looking for, will be the engine of the required elements immediately, however if you still want to order your photos in albums, there is a new feature in the app through which you are reminded to add the relevant photos to the album exist.

In other words, this feature is in the prompted in some pictures to add to the album already exists, it is not clear whether the app will recommend the adoption of this procedure by comparing the locations and dates of the files, or what if he was doing it simply because it was added to the title of the recent album.

Generally, this feature has been launched on the server side, so it is up for Android users gradually, over days or next few weeks will be available to everyone.

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