Application of the Seed4.Me VPN to open websites and services blocked and safe internet – a special gift don’t miss!

Application of the Seed4.Me VPN VPN application special allows you to access all of the sites and services blocked within my country and also protect your privacy and hide your identity on the internet, is now available for download on all mobile devices and desktop gift special: free subscription for a year, only for our visitors News Apps!

تطبيق Seed4.Me VPN لفك حظر المواقع وإخفاء iP وحماية نفسك- هدية مهمة !

Application of the Seed4.Me VPN to unblock sites, hide iP, protect yourself – a gift to the mission !

Do you think that VPN Services are dedicated only to decode from the sites? This is true, but there are many other benefits are important, the most important being protection, but not all VPN Services offer it, to this day, you’ll be on the application of the Seed4.Me a VPN that will ensure you get a lot of advantages needs, with our gift to you in another article.

Can choose the advantages of the service Seed4.Me VPN is as follows:

– Encryption of data incoming and outgoing to and from the device:

Says Seed4.Me VPN the protection of your maximum, so it offers you a wonderful feature and very important, which is to encrypt all data incoming or outgoing from your device, therefore no fear whatsoever of interception or try tapping on it, both through the use of your WiFi network public non-private, or even from thieves, young general.

– Private browsing and anonymous:

The application provides you with the Safe Browsing feature and, therefore, will be anonymous in the network, you can move from one location to another and will not feel your one, you’re hidden, not visible with the application of the Seed4.Me VPN.

– Unblock sites:

In case you are in the State you book multiple sites or services, the application of Seed4.Me VPN gives you the possibility to decrypt this block and overcome it and reach any content on the internet is absolutely free, of course and safely ensures you get rid.

– Connection is fast and stable:

Ensure you apply the Seed4.Me VPN you adjust the settings with ease and speed, in the end you can then choose a state to contact them, the profit in less than 5 seconds.

– Turn on and off automatic:

Never worry of the problem of loss of data, application of the Seed4.Me VPN is running automatically when needed, so, therefore, you you complete security and efficiency of the big.

– Support more than 21 different countries and several languages:

Where the application allows you to access numbers, iP more than 21 countries like live, speed and stability, with support for many languages including Arabic of course.

– Support the download of the torrent:

If you want to download files from file-sharing services BitTorrent, so you can take advantage of the app, the better the adoption of the dialing, the iP Switzerland or Sweden, it’s convenient to download from the torrent.

– One account to connect to all devices:

You can register one account in the service of the Seed4.Me VPN, and in the end you can use it in all your devices, tablet, phones, computers, Windows or Mac.

This has got the app on the new update brought important advantages to become in its entirety as follows:

  • Options Add to access free VPN service.
  • Delete the ads and limitations in the subscription.
  • Use one account to access from multiple devices and systems of different.

How to use :

Download the app and then choose the session appropriate to connect to VPN – VPN to the application calls all the required information within 5 seconds and enjoy surfing safe.

You can choose to network through 21 state knows its you app with speed and persistence.

There is no need to enter to system settings to activate the contact service but all you have to do is to click on the button “Connect” – (means connection) to make contact.

This video explains what the app is:

Support and communication:

In case you need any support or help, you can communicate with the court through the following mail:

Gift News Apps:

You can get a free subscription for a full year in the application of the Seed4.Me VPN, just by doing the following:

  • Go to the link: to download the app.
  • Or use the activation code: arabapps

This gift allows you to subscribe $ 36$ free for a year, it is available for a limited time, helping the community take advantage of this FREE offer great.


Works on iPhone and iPad-touch and iPad AND for Android and windows and Mac and the Amazon Kindle.

Download Seed4.Me VPN for your device:

Developer : Seed4.Me Inc

  Click here to download

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