Application PDF Pro – the best and simplest application to read PDF files iPhone

Recognize PDF files from the best file types electronic watch textual content, as characterized by its preservation of the formatting and many of the nurses that led to their preference compare files of Microsoft Word.

There are many applications on smartphones that allow us to browse, edit or even create PDF files, but if you want to browse the PDF files only on iPhone, application PDF Pro is the most appropriate option for you at all, about the experience spanned for more than a year.

Features application PDF Pro simple, with the user interface is clean and concise, you arrange your files on the form library, so that’s easy for you to find a file among dozens of files, with the availability of search feature for the name of the file to find it easier in the case of having a lot of files.

Application supports several options for importing files, both from the web and directly, or from your laptop via the participation inside the Wi-Fi network, or even by syncing from iTunes or Dropbox, and in this article we will review with you the easiest and fastest way is via the internet.

How to download PDF file from internet application to PDF Pro for iPhone

– Search for any PDF file using this method: ( keyword :PDF).
– Get link to file moved to app.

– You’ll find in the top right or left of the application according to the language of your phone, + button, click it.
– Now select the fourth option is the Direct Download and paste the file link and pressing the Download button.

After the conversion process, you can return to the main page to find the PDF file you downloaded just now, so you can browse it with ease, with many features available including:

– Bookmarks: so you can select the time zone in the reading of the appeal at a later time, by accessing the page and pressing the button”…” at the top then press the button the second reference on the right.

– Night mode: to keep the eyes from blue light emitted especially in the evening, you need to activate the night mode, by clicking on the Settings button as read, then click on the colors to select a color, black or otherwise.

The app is available for free and you can download it by clicking here, in addition to providing a paid version to enjoy the benefits of editing files at the price of 0.99$ per month, or get the full version at the price of 7.49$.

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