Application PlanKit to create schemes for the flooring using the technique of augmented reality “ARKit”

تطبيق PlanKit لإنشاء مخططات للأرضيات باستخدام تقنية الواقع المعزز "ARKit"Thanks to augmented reality technology ARKit from Apple, let the developers using the potential en amazing phones the iPhone, and the fact since the announcement of this product, we began to see a range of applications that can take advantage of them on one way or another, the most recent application PlanKit which allows iOS users to establish schemes for the floors based with augmented reality technology “ARKit”.

In other words this will allow you to a new app the value of your home fully and the establishment of the Terran default includes accurate measurements, all using the phone’s camera only, as it contains drawings of the windows and doors, in addition to the information about the height of the ceiling, making this app an essential tool for professionals, interior designers, furniture dealers and architects, and others.

On the other hand, also lets you PlanKit export chart as a PDF ore a three-dimensional (USDz) which allows you to send it quickly to someone via mail or any other app, and automatically the application supports the expense of the space of the room and display the chart with all the dimensions, and finally the application of PlanKit available for free download on the Apple Store App Store, claims iOS 12 latest.

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