Application Purchased Apps to view all apps and games I bought from the store Google Play

تطبيق Purchased Apps لعرض كل تطبيق ولعبة اشتريتها من متجر قوقل بلاي

One of the things that doesn’t do it in store, Android Google Play, is not to display the list of adjustable apps and games that you have purchased, where it is known that it supports see the list of all applications that have been proven, with the possibility of sorting by date or alphabetical order, but if I wanted to and More Try This app Purchased Apps.

Where is an application that supports the display of all your apps and your games that you purchased from the store Google Play, as well as the soil by price “from the highest to the least”, as well as jump directly to the page any app from the Play Store to install it again.

It also comes application Purchased Apps stylish design and easy to handle, and his tools and other powerful display of the total amount spent on apps and games completely, in addition to reviewing the categories, there are also options to change the currency and date format if you want it, it even supports the export list of apps you have with others.

Finally there is something not clear in the application, is whether the apps that you have installed appear when the price of the old house or meet or the full price current, generally regardless of this instruments are the other app is very useful, if you are interested in who carried him from here, or load it with the APK from here.

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