Application QuickTutor to connect people who are interested in learning with teachers.

تطبيق QuickTutor لربط الأشخاص الذين يرغبون في التعّلم مع مدرسين أكفاء

Want to learn something real quick? Or do you have enough skill in a certain field think that you can teach others? Application QuickTutor new connects people who want to learn with people who are interested in teaching, and the latter to earn some money by it, and all this in real-time across sessions, teaching online (through visual communication) or personally (through custom lists).

On the other hand, the application of QuickTutor provide its users with more than 9000 theme that anyone can learn or be taught, it also supports 70 languages and more than 400 sports game, and you can as a user to schedule a meeting of your educational, in turn, teachers set their prices, thus you’ll be able to cross it to search for any subject or idea you need to help them connect with experts in real time to help you with that.

Finally the application of QuickTutor is available to download for free and full on the App Store only, it supports iOS 10, creating the indentation, and there is no word from the developers of the app provided on the other system Android, but as we are accustomed it is very possible to see him soon on Google Play.

The application QuickTutor to connect people who are interested in learning with the teachers. appeared first on the tech world.

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