Application Quran Majeed – Qur’an interpretation and translation for many languages

Through your smartphone, iPhone, Android or tablet devices different, you can read Quran, listen to him, with translations into many languages, with apples and other advantages, all of this you get through the application of the Quran Majeed that we have today.

تطبيق Quran Majeed - القرآن الكريم بترجمته وتفسيره

Application Quran Majeed – the Quran translated and interpreted

And you used application to Quran Majeed; you’ll get a lot of benefits, whether on your iPhone, iPad or Apple watch, in return for phones, iPads and Android, you can read the Quran like you download factory, with high quality, more than this, you will get many advantages and make your use of the application very useful, this as the following advantages:

Distinctive design and elegant:

The first the advantages of this app is that it provides you the Holy Quran in the elegant design, clear, colors, comfortable, making use of its cool and all, just enjoy reading the source back to the Ottoman authentic, just like you read the Koran, the real paper, of course with the ease of development or research within the verses.

A lot of readers:

You can also listen the Holy Quran by the voices of many famous readers in the Islamic world.

Development off with elegant rope detailing:

Not just the Koran, but offers you the advantage of prayer times, and by the ears, with a view the prayer times according to your area.

تطبيق Quran Majeed - القرآن الكريم بترجمته وتفسيره

Application Quran Majeed – the Quran translated and interpreted

Translation for many languages with details:

You can get the translation of the meanings of the Quran into several international languages, so that shows you the text in Arabic alongside its translation to the language that you choose.

Works in succession:

You can listen to read even if the app is unlocked, so it works in the background.

The feature of the stimulus:

You can repeat read the verses so easy for you to save her Tutoring.

The share feature:

You can share verses with ease through the different social networks.

تطبيق Quran Majeed

Application Quran Majeed

* Support for the Apple watch:

The most important advantage of in-app support for Apple TV, you can now without taking out your phone iPhone, read Quran by your watch with the display of prayer times accurately.

Update new additional benefits:

Received application to Quran Majeed on the new update, by:

  • Support iPhone X and version iOS 11.
  • To increase the stability of the application
  • Improved interface to application Arabic, Russian, in version Android.
  • Themes colored in version and.

As well as all this design and ease of use of app ensures you save the Koran, prep it and read always, and above that is free with free offers in the paid content to get the readings the voices of a lot of the Mars, of course is supports phones, iPads and Android also.


Works on iPhone, iPod-Touch, iPad, and Android devices .

Operating system compatible: iOS 7.0 or later, and Android 4.0 or newer .

Size devices Apple: 175 MB .

Size Android devices: by device .

Download a copy of the iPhone:

Developer : Pakistan Data

Price : free

  Click here to download the application

Download the Android version:

Developer : Pakdata

Price : free

  Click here to download the application

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