Application Recorder new from Google is more than just a blogger my voice

The beginning of the current month, and through the diversion of development of audio recorder Recorder new from Google, we knew that the app will have unique abilities. It is on stage in Made by Google 2019, she showed us Sabrina Ellis, “the vice president of Product Management” in the Google to application to Recorder new is more than just a blogger voice.

تطبيق Recorder الجديد من جوجل هو أكثر من مجرد مُدوِّن صوتيApplication Recorder new from Google is more than just a blogger and my voice.

Unlike shopping apps audio virtual which you simply create audio files and store them for safekeeping, they have been planting the capabilities of artificial intelligence of Google in the application of the Recorder, through its support for copy all audio files to text, and support for tagging of coordination and restoration.

And most importantly, that this process takes place in real time “directly” and there is no need to connect to the data or the connection with Google servers. Therefore, you will be dealing with all the women on the phone itself.

Given that each recording is converted to text, will have app capabilities of the powerful to search for any audio file given with ease.

Finally, the app is still not announced officially, but what we know for sure that it will come with the phones pixels 4 New.

It also will not indicate the company’s intention to launch this for Android phones again, but since that version file the APK is now available for download for Android users 9.0 the latest, it is very expected to see available for download on the App Store as a standalone application.

Download file the APK application Recorder.

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