Application reminders new in iOS 13 now available

With the near launch date iOS 13 after less than a month, Apple started in creating and processing some of the components of the background support of the rule changes, including application reminders the new Reminders associated with its release on iOS 13, it Apple has launched the demo version of this app on the location of the i-cloud web site, this is not some other new features.

iOS 13 Reminders Now You Can Try it

iOS 13 Reminders Now You Can Try it

I-Cloud web

Known to everyone that Apple have an alternate version of the web interface to iCloud for a few years now as a test, and you can access it through this link. Earlier this year we noted that Apple had updated the beta site to add support for logging in directly using fingerprint, Face ID or fingerprint Touch ID. It is likely that this would be a Introduction to clarify the login feature Apple Sign in With the Apple. Visit the iCloud demo of an iOS device 13 or macOS Catalina offers the user asked to sign in using Face ID or Touch ID as a way to buy products from the App Store, surpassing the screen the user name and password in the traditional way.

Pointed Frederico Vita politician, founder and editor of the website MacStoriesNet to more changes that almost certainly they will come to the location of the iCloud as soon as you launch the iOS 13 for in the next month, including application reminder new copy of the internet exercise application that will be launched in the iOS 13 and macOS Catalina.

It was also the work of simple adjustments on the screen of the i-cloud, the main loss came in the succession of a new white rather than blue background of the former, although the layout remains very similar to the previous version.

Application reminders online

The most important change in the position of I-Cloud is application Reminders the new, which is similar to the design and layout of the new version in iOS 13 and macOS Catalina, but apparently it’s working, because a lot of its functionality is still missing. Including:

◉ Although all application menus now appear on the left side complete with icons, colors and custom, the new sections like “the day Today” and “scheduled Scheduled and that have been marked Flagged ” and “All” can not be seen in any place.

◉ Can customize menus, including a name change and the symbol and color, but you can’t create new lists after.

◉ Shared lists are also not fully supported, as is mentioned in the note at the bottom of the list.

◉ Will appear in your listings that you have shared with others, but will not be able to view the common settings or to change them. Will not show listings that have been shared with you, though, that the use of the word “or yet” in the note refers again to her appearance.

◉ There is currently no method to determine anything other than addresses, reminders and notes.

◉Will display the due dates and specific locations in the application reminders iOS 13 Reminders, but can not be changed, and when creating a new reminder, you can enter text, but you can’t set any dates or locations, or alerts. It’s very basic at the moment, and certainly will add Apple more posts in the coming weeks.

Other apps

Despite other changes that occur on the operating system iOS 13, it seems that the application of the reminders of the new is a big change the only one who has been entered on the iCloud web site. For example, we find that the application of the notes the Notes will provide new views and share folders in iOS 13, but on the iCloud web site has not changed from before.

Similarly; the app is still Find My iPhone or find iPhone on the list of iCloud, despite Apple’s move to integrate it with the app Find My Friends application Find My new, but it is not clear that Apple add it to that list on the site iCloud web site, he is reluctant to add it this time after this development for reasons of privacy.

Available interface beta of iCloud for anyone with an Apple account, whether you are running iOS 13 or not, so you can check it by visiting iCloud and sign in using the Apple I-Cloud regular and password.

What do you think about amendments to the iCloud web site? Tell us in the comments.



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