Application Samsung compensate you for the bulb notifications Galaxy S10

Entailed the design of the Galaxy S10 to get rid of the bulb in Leeds for notifications, but use the Samsung within the hole the front camera to create the effect of light when you launch the camera application, suggested to the developers that develop applications to analyse the frame to the bulb notices, an idea welcomed by Samsung officially submit within the application of Good Lock.

Water is add bass +EdgeLighting can be added within the application of Good Lock, and allows a user to phones Galaxy S10 use the camera hole old notices, but notices third-party applications like WhatsApp requires the activity of the screen, the calls and messages can breathe it any time, Samsung seems to mean that the rationalization of consumption of application of the battery.

In the case of screen activity, any use of the phone, and will appear illumination notifications from all applications and services. And requires the use of the application and the addendum do the lighting option dialog from the Settings screen. But and even provide the application Good Lock support Arabic you can follow the steps below to take advantage of any to add to the app including: +EdgeLighting.

Bring the bulb of notifications to the Galaxy S10

1) if you can’t install an app Good Lock store Galaxy because of the geographical area, here’s the application NiceLock from the Play Store to do the same job.

2) look for the add EdgeLighting+ apply a Good Lock and then install them, or download the addendum as a APK [here] for use with the application NiceLock.

3) now open apply a Good Lock or NiceLock and click on the addendum to the report to customize the colors of notifications and the manner of its appearance as you like.

The you don’t like the Samsung app, you can experience third-party applications such as: Holey Light, and On Edge lighting from Google Play.

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