Application school Foy gets the feature to stream videos direct

تطبيق سكول فويس يحصل على ميزة بث الفيديوهات المباشرة

Got application school Foyle on a new feature to stream videos directly, where the company added to the developer for such water to raise the level of communication between teachers, students and parents and help them to take advantage as much as possible.

According to the President of the company, the idea of broadcast video initiative has been developed from ever-increasing interesting streaming videos directly on the social networks, so the goal was to provide video content meaningful for students through the provision of this feature.

Will feature a video broadcast of teachers communicate better with students, especially after the working hours, as students will be able to who prevented them from their nursery school, to benefit broadcast share directly, in addition to that the property will be a chance to view the classes live entertainment for all students at specified intervals to change the atmosphere of the study.

It can be said that this feature will provide the possibility of holding meetings between the teaching staff and officials in the school with parents by default without attending their school, which helps them to communicate constantly without too much loss of time and effort.

The application of the school foye gets the feature to stream videos direct appeared first on the tech world.

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