Application ScreenshotGo from Mozilla to manage screen shots on Android

تطبيق ScreenshotGo من موزيلا لإدارة لقطات الشاشة على أندرويد

Always associated with the name of the Mozilla view and browse the internet, but the company was spreading its wings recently and the different types of tools, first there was the application Notes by Firefox, then Lockbox password management, followed by application of the Firefox Send to share files in an encrypted format, and the company has now another tool in the trial version, download name Firefox ScreenshotGo, which is about the application management screen shots “saccharin-shot”.

In relation to work with the app, then open it for the first time, you will be prompted to grant the app access to storage for your phone, then you can use the application as such, by capturing screen shots as you normally do on your phone, then open the app regulation and research, or you can enable the GO button, a blue button floating that takes screen shots immediately, and there is also a notice should be every time you capture a screen shot, and asks you to sort them in a group.

In respect of the property notices, as well as the button is floating, you can through the settings of the app you give them, and within the app being only displays the folder of the saccharin-shot only, and from there you can organize photos etc., and most importantly the search bar at the top, which is the text within the image, for example you can search for any text, and the initiative will show the pictures that include this text.

Here the app uses optical character recognition “OCR”, and also the application supports extract text from images and this reminds us of the capabilities of the lens of the Google, finally still apply ScreenshotGo available in the trial version but pretty much, if you’re interested you can download it in free and full to move from here.

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