Application services PlayStation Vue became available on the application of the Apple TV

خدمات تطبيق PlayStation Vue أصبحت متوفرة على تطبيق تلفزيون آبل

Sony has announced about the availability of Service applied to PlayStation Vue users on the system TVs Apple watchOS and iOS through the integration of the service via the application with the application of the Apple TV “TV App”, allowing the company to expand and increase services to the visual content.

The PlayStation Vue service for visual content vs. subscriptions, or what is known to work vs the defense. Thus, the service will be first available to users paid for in-app TV Apple TV.

The idea is to have Vue on facilitating access to content and search for it via the app, the application enables you to arrange and view important content from several places, it also offers suggestions about whether content that fits the user exists on the network and other channels.

For clarity, the service Sony will not be available within the app Apple TV completely, so that the service will be available once you press it will convert the user to apply a Vue the same.

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