Application Sheets and Slides gets design Material Design New

Before two days from now, we have received an application Google Desktop is Docs on the design of the Google elegant material design.

Today, each of the application Sheets and Slides get the same design, bearing in mind that it’s all still in the testing phase.

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تطبيقي Sheets و Slides يحصلان على تصميم ماتيريال ديزاين الجديدApplication Sheets and Slides gets design Material Design New

Insiders closely, sees that Google may have lasted a long time in control of the interface Holo to Material Design.

But in the recent period is talk at a fast pace, where it was already updated many of the applications of the company and this design.

There are still a few other waits his turn, generally, and across a copy of this test, the following are observed:

First: was to get rid of the title bar is the blue and replaced with a white stripe.

Second: until this moment there is no support for Dark Mode “feature dark”, but we may see him soon.

Third: there’s an icon floating in the main interface for each application, which carries several important tests, and thus with it can quick access to the most important application tools.

As well as removing the impact of the background image of the profile in the Google Plus from the menu, with page designs on a white background instead of the gray background.

And on Page work for each application, there is no increase or decrease in the tools, just everything in it that actually became whiter than before, and this is a concept that comes by Material Design.

Finally, as noted earlier, this version is just purely a test for a precise number of Android users, so it seems that this test is very limited and server-side.

Undoubtedly, we’ll be in the supplier immediately upon the occurrence of any new about this topic.

Unfortunately we have no copy APK this updates, so we should just wait, and be certain that it is not much.

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