Application (Slack) change its own logo and more updates

Application (Slack) change its own logo and more updates

If you use the application (Slack) to communicate within your company or organization or even on the scope of friends and family, you may have received an update today and noticed that the logo for your application has changed a little bit.

And the team announced the development of the app, which is one of the apps communicate the most popular, announced a change of logo is officially the beginning of the day .

Said team (Slack) that the change was made because of the need to simplify the logo to allow the export of more coherence across the different aspects of the company and the product, include the logo of the previous application of 11 colors large, making it difficult to use it on colorful backgrounds.

In August last, the announcement officially about 8 million users per day active development (Slack) and its value to $ 7 million.

Application (Slack) change its own logo and more updates

And the new logo colors to four colors, which makes it simple to a great extent, still retains the advantage of easy discrimination anyway .

In conjunction with the logo of the new team promised to develop the app further improvements in the management of the application either on web version or copy the app to store my Apple partition, during the next few months .


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