Application Spelfie you can capture selfies of space

If you get tired of pictures of your daily routine, can develop a new help you capture images from outside the Earth, which allows you to apply “Spelfie” snap a selfie from more than 400 miles above the Earth using cameras on board the satellites monitor a company Airbus for the land.

According to the “Daily Mail” the British, will not show the images the user’s face close up, they are designed to capture a large group of people at an event such as a protest of an athlete or Enviro.

Was first detected personal image in the world taken from space in a documentary to the BBC earlier this week, a group of activists who campaign against plastic pollution in Bali island at the beach is contaminated in the movement called Bye Bye Plastic Bags.

Used Isabel Vincent, one of the activists, the application of Spelfie to capture the image of the protest, which justified her exact location while moving the camera to the ground through the clouds the clouds.

سيلفىSilva, Isabel vesines

Chris Newlands is the CEO of the company Spelfie: is the movement of people who want to change the world and bring about change through social media, health, and strength Spelfie to help raise the level of awareness at the level of the world, and encourage others to join and want to make a big difference like I did Isabel with the movement of the Bye Bye Plastic Bags in Bali.”

It is noteworthy owns Airbus nearly 50 satellites to monitor the Earth revolves around our planet, which uses optical cameras to break through the clouds and capture high-quality images.

It uses its fleet to capture images of many of the environmental challenges faced by society today, including deforestation, natural disasters such as fires, floods, drought, and Pollution Control.

Revealed Airbus recently about the concept of their satellite new control weather space prediction, with the explosion of the energy emitted from the sun.

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