Application Spend from Microsoft to track your expenses financial

تطبيق Spend من مايكروسوفت لتتبّع نفقاتك المالية

Still, Microsoft intends for users of operating systems phones and mobile devices, where with the passage of period is not long there will be an application or a new service of the company, the new application its Spend and exclusively on the operating system iOS, which allows this new app keeps track of expenses in the easiest way possible.

On the other hand, wears the app for the paid of credit cards or debit cards or even a bank account connected, it will notice the user that all of its procurement process appear in the Mixer app, with the possibility classified as expenditure or personal expenses of the business.

As the cost of all reports of the application customizable and fully, and either by a spreadsheet or via a PDF file, which makes it compatible with other services, according to Microsoft, the application that uses intelligent features to keep track of the receipts, which helps to add expenses, especially cash.

Finally the application uses Spend SSL encryption to 256, and does not require any login information or card numbers, as indicated by the company that the app is currently available in the United States of America, and did not mention about the intention to launch it on the other system Android, and even its global launch, but like the return of our company at a time, to all its services in the end up for everyone.

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