Application Swoo streaming video with communication and chat – fantastic advantages

If you are one of the pioneers of the visual content and want to share your thoughts and experiences are daily with thousands of people around the world, we are today we’ll show you the application Swoo; it is an app that lets you participate in a social network interactive benefits of the wonderful; let us recognize you.

تطبيق Swoo لبث الفيديو المباشر مع التواصل والدردشة - مزايا رائعة

Application Swoo streaming video with communication and chat – the advantages of great

Comes application Swoo to give you a social network interactive through posting video clips or live broadcasts, where you can have access to the largest number of users, because you won’t be obliged to publish your videos to your followers only, but to all subscribers of the network who have the same hobbies will see the sections that you post.

Thus, the application of the Swoo beats the other networks, it ensures you reach the largest possible segment of people who have the same interests, and in return, you as a user will ensure that you apply Swoo get the content to match your interests and we may.

And because the application Swoo depends on the classifications, the arrival of your participants with you in the same interest is easy, especially as it gives many classifications such as: sports, music, business and other classifications that you can choose them as you want.

Classification of intelligent channels, content and audience:

To ensure access to the right audience, the network Swoo you to classify channels according to genre, thus reach the right audience, and thus every second would be watching from the matter subject of your publications recorded video or initiative.

Weekly prizes for the best content:

To encourage talent, the network Swoo guarantee the publishers of creative content monetary prizes for the best, has been paid more than $ 200 thousand dollars so far, since December of 2017, and of course this won’t find it in any other network, you’re going to stay and become a financial reward.

The events recorded for viewing later:

Users can in Middle East, North Africa and India; Watch recorded content for the main events, without the need for the link to the network always.

Network suitable for professionals interested in it:

Can now and via the Swoo to up the celebrity to the beauty of them, as can all those who are interested in the occupation of the development themselves, publish their creations.

The advantages of training for broadcasters wishing to develop their abilities:

  • The advantages of a professional does not only exist in network Swoo allows for those interested in the development of their abilities and all.
  • The advantage of the script text displayed for reading during the broadcast, to ensure training to shed the best.
  • The live chat feature and review content.
  • Broadcast multi-screen, so didn’t arrive until 4 broadcasters in the same video.
  • Training on the output of the content professional.
  • Feature multiple performances, where the filmmakers assemble many of the videos in the same album.

The number of users increasing global spread:

  • Through the Swoo have access to more than 3.2 million installed around the world
  • Network Swoo revolution, the productivity of the visible and the entertainment industry in India.
  • Help producers to discover the talents of the presenters, interact with them, get content creative.
  • Ensure network Swoo participants in the same interest communicate with each other.

Issues real:

Provide network Swoo many studios in Egypt, the UAE, and soon in India.

This application offers Swoo fantastic advantages as follows:

  • Reliable sources: us share your home videos fake only from approved sources, and users can document their accounts through the recommendation of a former friend, or to communicate with management to document their accounts.
  • Broadcast via social networks: because it’s a social network visible, lets you apply Swoo publish content in different social media sites and through your site.
  • Interactive notifications: you will not miss any content that is distinctive and important for you thanks to notifications smart live.
  • Watch later: let the rest of the participants to see your publications visible at a later time.
  • The common wart: where can 3 people make a live broadcast a Live debate at the same time and display it to the public.
  • Live interaction: users can interact with the community many of the effects are brilliant.

Network plans Swoo in the future:

Seeking network Swoo for India’s future, and many regions around the world.

This highlights the advantages of a featured app, and you can benefit from them and others and enjoy the post video content or share what activates it other than you care about, with the possibility of your participation in the development of this product through the motions, opinions, correspondence with the Developer Team via e-mail:


  • Works on iPhone, iPod-Touch, iPad, and Android devices.
  • The operating system appropriate : iOS 9.3 what the newest and / or Android 4.4 and newer.
  • Size : 186.2 MB for Apple / by device for Android devices.

Download the app for iPhone and iPad:

Developer : SWOO LIMITED

Price : free for a limited time

  Click here to download

To download the app on Android:

Developer : Swoo Limited

Price : free

  Click here to download

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