Application TikTok prevent children from participating and raise the videos

Under the settlement agreed to by the management application to TikTok famous with the Federal Trade Commission of America, can no longer of the age less than 13 years of participation in the application and whether by way of video clips or posting comments and even create a profile and send private messages.

Comes a commitment to the application of this product under the Privacy Act federal children who meet all of the technical and the 13-year-old minimum to participate in a lot of services.

And my new tradition for current and new users according to date of birth entrance in the app, which is definitely not a solution for sure problem that is faced by the application.

And pay the application management $ 5.7 million to settle the case against him for violating the law of protecting children’s privacy online COPPA. The Act requires websites and apps to obtain parental consent to use their children their services and their supervision.

The application will delete all the videos that have already been published by the children recorded the age in the website under 13 years old.

Will be of age under 13 years only able to watch what other people are posting but through the content filter.

And bought some of the users delete your world although above the age of 13 years old, a student of their management of the site send a picture of their ID card to confirm this.

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