Application TikTok skips the number of times to download Facebook user in 2019

Managed application to TikTok to up the number of times the analysis in 2019 to 700 million times, according to Sensor Tower, where you skip the number of times to download all of the apps Facebook user.

Despite the Prohibition of the application of TikTok in the Navy and the US Army for security reasons, however, the application of social media the Chinese managed to achieve the spread of Greater as attract and train more users in the last period.

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The application TikTok the second application in the number of times of download in 2019, while the application WhatsApp as the first app in the world in the number of times of download in 2019, where a record number of times a load up to 850 million times.

As pointed out by the report of the Sensor Tower to be 45% of downloading the app since the beginning come from the Indian market in particular, also managed to WhatsApp, to achieve growth in the last quarter of 2019 by more than 39%.

I have recognized the application of TikTok as one of the applications of social networking that allows users to post and share short videos of up to a period of 15 seconds, also back the ownership of the application to the company ByteDance Chinese.


I know of

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