Application to Assist Me to clean the assistant of Google without having to press the button Hom


When looking to feature the voice assistant has different companies, the first thing that comes to our mind Siri from Apple, and cork our from Microsoft, maybe Alexa from Amazon, the assistant Google “Google Assistant” who deliberately did not choose her company name, generally that label or not is not our topic, but to you users assistant Google much application Assist Me you’ll love it too.

Where it is known to implement this plugin must be of the push-button Hom main and lengthy, but this app wants you of this fact, and through the establishment of the test subject to touch the screen to assistant Google.

Therefore maintains eligibility button Hom main and of the process of access to the assistant Google, and finally application to Assist Me needs you to call your phone basically Assistant to Google “Google Assistant” if your phone is running Android 5.1 application will have, which by the way is available for free download and in full, and you can get it too with its APK from here.

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