Application to broadcast games PlayGalaxy Link from Samsung now available on Android and windows

When Samsung revealed about the phone is its flagship Galaxy Note 10 “Galaxy Note10”, also provided a new platform to broadcast the Games branded with PlayGalaxy Link .

Back then the police didn’t know about the exact time to launch its service this between users.

تطبيق بث الألعاب PlayGalaxy Link من سامسونج متاح الآن على أندرويد وويندوزApplication to broadcast games PlayGalaxyLink from Samsung is now available on Android and windows

Anyway, back during the past few weeks, some reports and news reports that Samsung intends to launch its service this sometime in the month of September.

This is what really happened, where the company now provides its service PlayGalaxy Link on Windows as well as an application on Android.

According to the official website of the service, allows you to Play Galaxy Link connect to your computer via Wi-Fi network or mobile data and broadcast your gaming library on your device Samsung.

As expected, will enter service PlayGalaxy Link controllers and a mouse and a keyboard external Bluetooth, as well as the importance of providing some tape on the computer which is:

  • A computer that is running Windows 10.
  • Graphics GPU NVIDIA GPU NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 or later.
  • Realtek screen AMD Radeon RX 550 the latest.
  • CPU Intel Core i5 processor the latest.
  • Ram DDR4 8G.

As currently still apply PlayGalaxy Link under the demo version, which is only available in the United States and Korea.

Finally, you can download the application PlayGalaxy Link on Windows via THIS LINK.

And Android you can download it via file the APK from here.

With the signal that the cabin is currently on the Galaxy Note 10 and Nokia 10 plus, but more devices will be added and regions during the next period.


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