Application to monitor phones teens cause in the leak of thousands of passwords

Swarm Server continued to use one of the custom applications for parents to monitor the activity of their children’s phones of tens of thousands of accounts and passwords for both parents and teens.

And app TeenSafe the same on that Monitor application “secure” operating systems for Android and iOS, lets parents see the text messages and the location of their children and monitoring of persons who contact them and follow up record of the web browsing and the apps that they installed, etc.

But the company based in Los Angeles, California based left one of its servers hosted on Amazon cloud is not protected and can be accessed by anyone without a password.

Said a spokesperson for TeenSafe to ZDNet that it was shut down the servers and start alerting customers potentially affected by the problem, and it is being research and evaluation of the situation, and will provide additional information when it becomes available.

And database TeenSafe store the email address of the parents associated with service in addition to your e-mail address Apple, the data show also the name of your adolescent which is often his name, and unique ID for their device.

The data contain passwords in plain text to calculate the Apple your adolescent is not encrypted, and hackers can use this data to access the personal data of teenagers and their parents.

And TeenSafe to have more than a million parents are using this service, it is not known whether there are servers open other contain additional data.

It is not yet clear why the data was stored and passwords in plain text without encryption while the company claims on its website it is “safe” and used to encrypt data.

Source : zdnet

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