Application to transfer a water new to get perfect body and healthy lifestyle

تطبيق ترانسفورم مي الجديد للوصول لجسم مثالي ونمط حياة صحي

تطبيق ترانسفورم مي الجديد للوصول لجسم مثالي ونمط حياة صحي

Launched group fitness yards , specialized fitness and physical health, improved version of the health program transfer of water on phones and smart devices, to assist users in the Arab region to change their lifestyle through diet and exercises suitable sports check them guaranteed results and scientific bases of Health purely was developed in collaboration with organizations, institutions and scientific world leader, to include this health app diet Daily have in every home and a plan was trying to the level of your physical fitness requires developing the ability of your fat and shape your body.

What does the application transforme it?

The programme of training an athlete:

  • Designed to install your body and achieve your goal.
  • Fits with your fitness and your experience in exercise.
  • You can focus and targeting body parts, times and days that suit you.

Diet smart:

  • Designed to be integrated with your program.
  • Daily meals from a kitchen favorite.
  • You have the freedom to replace meals, what you have and suits you.

Witness the evolution of your body and the magnificence of your achievement:

  • Continued development of your body and develop your program on a weekly basis.
  • Documented the stages of your success pictures and measurements.
  • Watch record of achievement, exercise and nutrition consumption.
  • Share the best of your achievements with your friends.

How it works transport water?

Step two is simple:

  • Choose your goal.
  • Enter your information and your experience in exercise.

Where the service to process a digital file with the variables of your body and analyze them to design a nutrition plan and exercise integrated tailored to the nature of your body and your goal and your ability as a first step, and the service is available on it, but following the development and experiences of the user’s body is determined by analyzing the variables of the body and the date of training and the consumption of food to fit in with the development of the user’s body and its capacity to manage the exercise and therefore modify the training plans and food in a week.

The application of the transfer water by combining the supervision on the user’s diet and exercise carried out periodically to ensure the achievement of the best results by focusing on all the elements influencing the pattern of daily life together, as guests from other applications that provide a plan of action customized for each user separately, when you download the app it is ask some questions to the user about the level of fitness currently enjoyed by the days of appropriate training and experience in aerobics the goal you aspire to achieve.

تطبيق ترانسفورم مي الجديد للوصول لجسم مثالي ونمط حياة صحي

Then the application builds a business plan that includes a schedule for exercise weekly and other diets that should be on the user’s commitment, and what distinguishes these tables they are customized for each user according to his current of what it can achieve concrete and practical results, as the app updates food plan and exercise to the user on a weekly basis according to what has been accomplished in the previous week, as well as follow-up to calculate the variable of the user’s body and included within the parameters of the development plan, with stages of success and the grade scales are different, it is worth mentioning here that the dietary plan allows the user the freedom to replace the meals to have at home and the way.

Finally the application of transfer water available for free for a limited time on Android and iOS to select it go to here and here respectively, and then you have the subscription from within the app, and will act from there on the value of the subscription.

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