Application update Edison Mail comes with the plugin built-in intelligent

Will remind you of the Intelligent Assistant built-in the application of the Edison Mail invoicing, trips and upcoming events.

تحديث تطبيق Edison Mail يأتي بمساعد ذكي مُدمجApplication update EdisonMail comes with the plugin built-in intelligent

About two years ago now, it was starting first time to apply EasilyDo to be one of the alternatives between e-mail services, and after months of its launch has been re-allow the app to Edison Mail and provided advanced features such as Smart Reply which didn’t exist most of the apps e-mail, and today the application becomes more intelligent, because it gets the Intelligent Assistant built.

Turn forward the application of Edison Mail already some help when it comes to managing subscriptions and delete the emails to Customs and the Prohibition of the missionaries, thanks to plugin new smartphone, you’ll be careful not to miss or forget such tasks as paying the bills, so that’s also what is coming, so no need to worry about check-in for your next trip.

For example, it can remind you of this assistant courses and provide you with reminders prior to the event, also application can teach you proactively when the time comes to approaching the bill, not to mention remind you a few days before the trip, along offer recommendations for restaurants and hotels as well as the weather forecast for the destination of semen go on them.

Finally, update Edison Mail is now available to all users of the app, either on Android OS or iOS, and to download it go here or here respectively.

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