Application update Plex comes with a podcast with a new design

تحديث تطبيق Plex يأتي بخاصية البودكاست مع تصميم جديد

Service Plex and its applications on mobile phones is a great place to index and organize the flow of your media collection, and although the Statute of the service comes to the benefits of live tv and more however, as the days grow slowly on mobile phones, this is what the campaign is really the last update for the application from on the Android operating system.

Where in this new version, which carries the version number of the Plex 7.0 has been providing a lot of new features, most notably support app now for the podcast, this is not all as there are also customizable Home screen and easier than ever before, opening the app after the update you will notice that things are different where the new navigation is now at the bottom of the screen to “bottom navigation bar”.

And you can control the appearance of elements of the development of demand, get rid of anything you don’t use, and that the Home screen has become customizable, for example you can remove the section that was added recently or move it completely to the top.

Files are available of the podcast as a partition at the top of the screen, just like movies, television, etc., as will not need to set up a server with Plex to use this feature with the option to search and, finally, the company indicated that the app now has a learning algorithm, automatic proposal of the content of the podcast for you. Has acquired the media player in the app to also run a variable speed, with the lack of support right now operating for offline reference, but this feature will be in the next update.

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