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Launched recently new update for the application Telegram with a set of features to users, which is aimed at improving the user experience in groups messaging support with users with symbols and stickers new, as the new update comes with a folder of the talks.

Support the Folders feature the new chat in Telegram app users in the Coordination of the separate types of chat in different files within the app, it will also allow users to add a specific category of chat to folders automatically, for example, conversations that haven’t been read.

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It will also allow users a new feature in the slider in the talks from right to left to send these conversations to the archive folder, along with a choice to select specific conversations to the archive automatically.

Also offers application update After now feature paste and put a mark on the greatest of conversations, which provides users a seamless experience in refer to the conversations favorite.

On the other hand, lets update the new access to statistics and reviewed the most popular channels, which include more than 1000 subscribers, also available for app users on the platform landed animated feature in the audio recordings, the app also comes with a new set of emoji, it will also allow users to sync folders of conversations in the browser with the phone application, from the side bar in the app.


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