Application WhatsApp for Android now lets you download the GIF images before they are sent


One of the features of WhatsApp, the ability to search for animated GIF images and send them directly to other users. But sometimes you may not the library contains a GIF image that you want, which is the point where you can choose to link the image of the GIF instead. Now on Android, it seems that WhatsApp allows users to upload GIF files before they are sent.

What does this mean? Well, this basically means that when you are inserting a link in the chat box, it will show preview of the website on connection. But before today, I didn’t have a heavy Android users the option to load GIF images note that this option was available to iOS users a while ago. This in turn will allow them to keep in a GIF and make adjustments, and captions of their own, as well as save time for other users through the engine by clicking on the link.

As we have said, it seems that this feature is now available to Android users and now when you paste a link to an image GIF in the chat box, you should be able to see the option to load a GIF image. It seems that this feature only applies to GIF files according to Android Police, has been tested through the use of pro files in other formats and couldn’t get the Upload feature itself. Maybe Sigma application WhatsApp this in the future, but at present is limited to GIF files.



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