Applications indispensable to take notes

Considered to be one of the many wonderful things about owning a smartphone is the ability to take notes. You have your smart phone with you practically at all times. This is what makes it the main place to put the moment of inspiration. Or a good place to put what you want to remember it in times of a sample. In both cases, it’s a great place to jot down notes. And, of course, you’ll need the appropriate application for this task, so let’s take a look at the best apps to take notes on Android!

ColorNote is one of the most note taking apps common. It allows you to create text notes, lists, and more. It also has the ability to change the background color of notes to help you stay organized. This is a feature of many of the other notes. It also included the application of some other features such as Calendar support, support for backup to both internal storage and storage capacity and much more. It also has ColorNote also on the features list is also important. It is considered best of all it’s completely free.

Evernote is one of the most powerful applications notes. It comes packed with features. This includes some different types of notes, support for laptop, water development, and features of the cooperation, participation and observations, and across platforms. During 2016, the application to renew the free offer. Thus, the use of the free app is not as strong as I used to be. There are also bought choose adds a variety of features in addition to the cloud space to store your notes. Which is still really good. However, it may be people who are looking for free offers better options.

FairNote is one of the latest apps note. It features a simple interface and design of the multi-dimensional system of signs to facilitate development. As the application tries to focus a little more on security. By note encryption is optional and uses AES-256 encryption. In addition, professional users can prepare their fingerprints to encrypt notes and decrypt them as needed. Otherwise, it has most of the features that you will need. How come the free version with the most features. Increases the paid version the ads and adds features dark and also adds more encryption features.

FiiNote (and FiiWrite) of developers who have achieved success in the codification of observations that take the applications of the former type. FiiNote is a funny note taking app which provides a more realistic experience. It comes with a background grid along with a supporting graphic. This means that you can write notes or write them or draw them if you want. You can also add pictures, videos and voice messages to your notes. Which makes it perfect for keeping all kinds of notes, doodles, drawings, and types of other notes. And it’s also completely free application.

Can be said that the application Google Keep is more popular apps currently. Interface is used extremely colorful, design-inspired materials, both of which looks great and practical too. As observations show them as cards you can pass them quickly and identify. The application contains the integration of Google Drive so you can access it online if you need to. In addition, they have application notes, voice notes to tasks, as you can set reminders and share notes with others. It also has Android Wear support if you need it.

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