Applications package LibreOffice 6.0 up one use the best

Package Libreoffice is a package of Office programs free and open source available on systems running Windows, Mac and Linux, compete with a software package Microsoft Office includes six software allows for editing of documents and data processing, presentations, and build databases and other applications desktop simple and complex. Comes the new version 6.0 of the package interface using the new, streamlined in addition to many advanced features to enhance productivity from added the possibility to export the documents in the ePUB so you can save your documents as electronic in addition to supporting encrypted documents and other. A team of the Document Foundation consisting of a group of volunteer programmers based on the development of the package, make several changes to make LibreOffice easier for users moving from Microsoft Office package, also has been improved dictionaries and spell check to become far better at dealing with new words and recognize automatically the words that can be expressed in different forms. Includes LibreOffice 6.0 new templates, aspect ratio 16: 9 to fit the screen of the display is modern, has added Foundation the Document Foundation ten new models to match the Aspect Ratio of the new and updated several of the existing models accordingly. And add service LibreOffice Online to create, edit and share documents via the internet, similar to Google Docs and Microsoft Office Online but it is custom for companies only currently.

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