Applications that reach the data of your account on Google how to delete them

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التطبيقات التي تصل لبيانات حسابك على جوجل وكيفية حذفها بالخطوات

Often offer you some of the Web sites and applications an easy choice log in using your account on Google, but this option specifically lead to the granting of these applications and Web sites and add-ons browser Chrome “Chrome plugins” access to your private data including your name, gender, email address, country you live in.

With the passage of time forget the websites and apps that give it permission to access your data, and today we’ll stop on the way to access these applications in addition to the way to delete it to protect your data.

First, here’s how to see which apps can get the information in your account on Google:

1 – Go to the following link from your desktop computer, or open the Gmail application from your smartphone and press on “Settings” then option”My Account”.

2 – from the list of login security, Tap on the option applications that have access to your account – Apps with account access from your desktop computer.

If you use your smart phone to click on the “login & security” and go to “applications that have access to your account”

3 – log on to your Google Account.

4 – Press on the option manage Applications Manage Apps.

You’ll see a list contain third party applications which are known as third-party applications, as shown in the following image:

التطبيقات التي تصل إلى بيانات حسابك على جوجل

Clicking on any application of them you can see the data that this application or website to access.

You may find one of these apps or websites that contains the phrase “full access to the account” to do this he can see the changes that you make in your account on Google and make changes to almost everything except for the wallet Google Google Pay, and password. For example, when I launched the game Pokemon Joe Pokemon Go for the first time it was downloaded on your phone requires full access to the data of your account on Google.

It has surprised some presence applications can access information of his account despite not using it since a long time but still can access your email, contacts and calendar.

Here’s how to stop access of these applications to your data contained in your account on Google:

1 – Press on the app you want to remove.

2 – A button will appear to remove access click you will be prompted a popup window to confirm the removal, click OK to remove it.

In this way may be able to control which apps can access your account on Google and the prevention of legacy applications to get your data.

Applications that reach the data of your account on Google how to delete them

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