Applications that use the ARKit broke the barrier of 13 million downloads within 6 months


For years, Apple has highlighted the advantages of augmented reality technology, in just the past year, the company finally issue a package development software augmented reality ARKit developers to start creating applications that use the augmented reality technology. It turns out that the step package launch software development of augmented reality ARKit has been very successful for Apple, given that, according to Sensor Tower , specialized in market research, it has been downloaded more than 13 million apps based on package software development augmented reality ARKit since then.

According to the distribution of the investigations, it was surprising to find that most of the conversions ( 74% ) had the games, followed by the general applications, applications, entertainment, and lifestyle applications such as IKEA Place, apps for audio, video, educational applications, etc. from other applications. As we have said, the fact that the most important applications that are based on ARKit was from the category games is not a surprise especially when you consider the great success which won him the game Pokemon Go when it was launched for the first time.

Augmented reality games is not a new concept and in fact the developers tried in the company of Niantic launch another game based on augmented reality technology by game Pokemon Go although that game wasn’t the same effect achieved by the game Pokemon Go, thanks largely to the popularity of Pokemon.

However, we’re still somewhat in the early stages of augmented reality technology, we expect that there will be eventually more complex applications and usefulness in the future. In the meantime, we hope to encourage people more developers to participate in the dance this technology, whether using Apple ARKit or Google ARCore.


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