Apply Amazon Prime Video disappears from store to store

Disappeared Friday service application broadcast video (Prime Video) Prime Video, a subsidiary of Amazon from the App Store with Apple (App Store).

Quotes agency Reuters quoted an informed source that the app disappeared from the App Store due to a technical problem, will return to the store soon.

Confirmed site (Apple Insider) AppleInsider – specialized in news Apple – downloads the current app still work on the newest version of my system (iOS) iOS, and(T or S) tvOS.

With the disappearance of the app (Prime Video) from the store (app store), any user who wants to download it for the first time, or the user wants to update it, you won’t be able to do so, the message appears: “(Amazon Prime Video) is not available anymore … the developer removed this app from the Store App Store”.

It is indicated that this problem is not confined to particular countries, as it is not limited to the iPhone only, as the platform of the TV (Apple TV) also been affected.

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According to data released by analytics company Store (App Store) – (sensei of the tower) Sensor Tower the app was removed today in all regions except Australia, Guatemala, Hong Kong, Hungary, Israel, India, Kenya, Kuwait, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madagascar, Saudi Arabia.

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