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Do you want to be you chat rooms and discussion groups that are special to you?, the Or to have you store your own e-mail via mobile? With the increase of the size of your sales? , Reach customers in New, open up new markets? Or even continue to communicate with your current clients on the clock?

It all has become possible with the “Claudio the commercial community” and, he made the development team in the draft Claudio completion of the fourth phase of the development of the service cláudio industry Mobile Apps, has caught this stage to develop the possibility of creating chat rooms or the so-called “dialogue groups” as it has been possible to create a electronic store integrated focus on all elements of the store, including items, and a basket purchase, read the barcode of any item and via phone electronically.

The following image shows a sample of the sections of the store include, presentations, other products were added, the varieties you might like., as well as products related to.

It has also been developing a way to connect directly via the technique of Paris, between the merchant and the customer, so that trader can answer to any queries from the customer live.

Add to the above “optionally”, each item can be liked, or not liked, or add it to Favorites or rated, and all of these statistics show to other customers to take a prior idea of the product before you buy it (the following image shows the intended).

He has explained the PM. Plotter joint general manager of modern technologies, to the development of the second phase “msgstr “” #Claudio-commercial” came to put a distinctive mark on the way to building a strong economy for businesses and services institutions in particular, which can be up to their services and products anywhere in the world.

Added to the importance of providing such a service to a Palestinian who can increase the volume of their sales within Palestine, the face of the tragic situation in which they are currently undergoing as a result of the suffocating siege which they are exposed.

It is worth mentioning that the company of modern technologies and through responsible community trying to contribute to the creation of job opportunities for graduates and the unemployed, will start the crews of the company to communicate with relevant institutions to introduce this project to be a powerful tool in creating secure jobs.

If you would like to be one of the agents or Distributors to serve the #Claudio, please fill out the following form:

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WhatsApp: 00972595471111

If you are a developer and publish your apps via the news app to reach for a large segment of Arab users to reason across the following mail: will your app soon in the list of News Apps if level befitting the user.

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