Apply Claudio Manezh – be online always with all your customers, subscribers!

To complement the changes provided by the draft Claudio industry mobile apps, the development team producing the application “Claudio Manezh”, which tells you about any interaction happening in your app produced by using Claudio.

Offers Claudio Manezh live statistics and direct about the number of users of your app (Android + iPhone), also sends you instant notifications when a subscription to a new customer or the interaction of one joint you do like and comment or interact with a referendum you have deployed your app.

Don’t expect it at that, but couldn Claudio Manezh that tells you via an immediate notice of any order to purchase made on your store, designed by Claudio.

In addition you can dispense with the control panel web, and you can add a variety of content from within the application Claudio Manezh, all that and more you can find on the application Claudio Manezh on the Google market, and during the Close you’ll find it on the apple market.

The following image illustrate some of the advantages of Claudio Manezh, the statistics screen is the opening screen:

Screen to view and browse the content:

The Settings screen can change the interface language of the application:

Screen add the content:

It is worth mentioning that the Company modern technologies do all it can to get this project to a level that achieves the needs of the users, each according to his specialty and its uses.

Download the app:

Price : free

  Click here to download

If you would like to be one of the agents or distributors to serve the #Claudio, please fill out the following form:

Service website Claudio:

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Technical support via e-mail:

To help you immediately in any Android app or iPhone:

WhatsApp: 00972595471111

If you are a developer and publish your apps via the news app to reach for a large segment of Arab users to reason across the following mail: will your app soon in the list of news apps if level befitting the user.

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